What We Do

We provide a mix of “life coaching” and “academic coaching”. We work individually or in small groups with teenagers on a variety of topics including motivation (What motivates you? Where does your motivation come from?), goal setting (realizing where you are now and where you want to be), organization (setting up systems to keep track of materials, assignments, college application deadlines etc.), time management (what assignments are due when, how to prioritize and fit everything in, but still make time for the things you love to do), and relationships (the importance of good communication, how to effectively talk to teachers/adults/peers). We weave these topics into our coaching because we prefer to take a “whole person” approach, rather than just working becoming a better student.


It begins with a free initial session with the parent and the student to make sure that we “click”. Once we’re all on the same page, we create a tailored program based off of your student’s needs. The program is semi-structured with the use of a Google Spreadsheet to track progress and practice the skills that are learned during the sessions. We are able to meet in person (in the Cleveland, OH area), or virtually with students online anywhere across the US.


Being a teen is stressful. School, work, sports—how to handle it all can be daunting to a young adult. The trick is creating a way to manage stress that feels natural and fun.
We are passionate about the difference academic life coaching makes in the lives of young people. We would be happy to answer your questions and get you set up for an initial strategy session.