If your teen has big dreams — like breaking their personal swim record or deepening their friendships — and they need help bringing them to life, the Life Success Vision Board is the perfect solution. 

It’s helped teens reach their goals for years. The secret ingredient? A planning session that combines inspiration and action, to pull their dreams from the clouds and make them VERY real. Your teen will feel empowered to design their own life and stretch further than they thought they could. 

Here’s how to set and reach those goals:


Step One – The Strategic Plan

First, have your teen brainstorm as fast and furious as they can — nothing is off limits. By journaling quickly, they’ll connect more strongly with their intuition — to the dreams they truly desire. Tell them to let the ideas flow and forget the “shoulds!” Nothing is off limits! 


Now, it’s time to prioritize their big ideas and build a strategic plan. Sign up below for a planning sheet that helps you break down the dream into manageable steps.  (There’s also a fun vision board shopping list list) The planning questions also help your teen realistically weave the steps into their life with a timeline. Finally, it inspires them to paint the picture of their future self, complete with emotions — a powerful motivation tool.  


Yes, I want the planning sheet

and shopping list  for a smart Vision Board!

My teenage clients love it. Bridget, for example, used her board to stay motivated for cross country training, complete college applications, and reach out to summer camp friends. She told me it worked so well, that she’s building a new board this year.


Step Two – Creative Supplies

The creative process is entirely up to you … from simple to elaborate, it’s solely a reflection of you. Treat your teen to the craft supplies that inspire them, so the board will light them up and keep them going during tough times!

Here’s a shopping list you can use at your favorite craft store:

  • Poster board, large piece of paper, or corkboard to put your words and images on. I like to use a tri-fold foam core board, so it can stand on its own.  
  • Push pins, glue stick, or clear tape to attach items to the backer board
  • Miniatures
  • Pens, color pencils and/or markers 
  • Washi tape
  • Paint, paintbrush
  • Paper for background, labels, and frames (check out the scrapbooking section!)
  • Scissors
  • Magazines and/or computer and printer to get hard copies of inspiring images

Step Three – The Vision Board

Time to make their vision board! An intentional collection of inspirational images and words. A daily reminder of your teen’s goals. And, the very first time their dreams are in a tangible form!  

 This is a great activity for your teen to do alone, but it can be even more fun with a friend or family member. (Everyone can benefit from making a vision board!) Set the scene – light some candles, play some music – use all your senses to make it fun! 

Pin or glue your images, words, and phrases to your board in a way that looks good to you. Ask your teen to notice their feelings as they pull images and words. If something makes your teen feel bad, don’t use that one! Notice any fears, untrue stories, or negative self talk that come up. And, work through it. Your teen has to believe their dreams are possible in order to achieve them! [If you want some help, sign up for a free strategy session with me.)

Don’t feel pressure to fill every inch of your board now. You can add things as you get inspired each month.


Step Four: Keep Your Vision Top of Mind

Display your board somewhere that you can look at it daily. The goal is to connect to that vision and desired feelings as often as possible. Pro Tip: Take a picture of your board and make it the background on your phone.

Also, save the strategy table that you created in step one. Or, even better, put the steps in your calendar. And, review often!

Now, go create! You have unlimited possibilities. Figure out what you really want and make it happen!  


Yes, I want the planning sheet

and shopping list for a smart Vision Board!

Life Success for Teens offers holistic teen life and academic coaching. If your teen wants more support reaching their goals, you can book a free strategy session to see if coaching would be a good fit for them. Or, you can find more support in our private Facebook community HERE!


Natalie Borrell, Founder