Yes! Your Teen CAN Learn to Manage Their Time!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your teen could manage their time independently?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How can I help my teen manage their time more effectively?”, then you’re in the right place. 

What your teen needs is a step by step process to teach them HOW to manage their time, stop procrastinating, and check things off their “to-do list.

We’re sharing all the details in our upcoming LIVE workshop, Helping Teens Master Time Management. 

Live Workshop

Helping Teens Master Time Management

In this live webinar I’ll be teaching you the strategy that my coaches and I use all the time with our teenage clients.  It’s a simple process built on habits and tools (not more work!) to help them go from feeling completely spent to calm and collected. 

If your teen could benefit from learning how to effectively manage their time, then you need to sign up for this LIVE workshop –  Helping Teens Master Time Management.

It’s happening on Thursday, November 17th at 6:30 pm EST.

What we’ll be covering

1. Why time managment is so hard

The biggest reason time management is so hard for teenagers. Hint:…it’s not what you think. 

2. 4 Step process

A 4 step process to teach teens the time management skills they need to be successful in school…..and life in the real world! 

3. Tools for life

Free tools and tech that your teen can use right away. 

4. How to activate action mode

My favorite ways to stop procrastination and get into action mode.

Don’t Miss It!

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Helping Teens Master Time Management

It’s happening on Thursday, November 17th at 6:30 pm EST.

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Time Management Workshop $22*

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