Do you ever take the time  to think about your life, specifically the big picture? 


If you do, then cue the confetti, ‘cause you’re a rarity! And among teens, that’s even more unusual …  AND important. 


When only one aspect of your teen’s life is a primary focus, others are neglected. That’s okay for a short stint, like Finals Week. But if that happens for a long period of time, it leads to stress, anxiety, and other unhealthy consequences. 


Your teen may simply feel out of sorts, a bit grumpy, or over-tired (even after 11 hours of sleep). Or they may feel out of place in a familiar setting, uncomfortable or wary with people and situations they know well. Sometimes they can’t focus. They may not know why or what it is …. they just know something isn’t right.


But you can prevent that, and even better, teach them balance while they’re young. 


That’s why the Wheel of Life is my favorite exercise. It’s a quick way for your teen to visualize the balance – or lack of it – in his or her life.

How to Use the Wheel of Life

  • The circle is divided into 6-9 areas of life that are key to satisfaction and success. 
  • Your teen will rate their current level of happiness in each area on a scale of 1-10, and write it in each section.
  • Ask your teen why they chose that number. 
  • Lastly, ask them what number they would like it to be and how they think they can get there. 

You can see why the Wheel of Life is a helpful starting point for goal setting, can’t you? It’s almost snap-of-the-fingers quick! 

Top Takeaway

Teens often tell me they’re surprised to discover how much the different aspects of their lives are interdependent. Which inspires them to prioritize their life in a new way.

For Bonus Points

Show your teen your own Wheel of Life. Share what you, as a parent, would do differently. They’ll see that finding balance is a constant practice. Which is why it’s a good idea to date your Wheel of Life and repeat the exercise quarterly. 

What next?

If you’d like to take this practice further, an academic or life coach could be a great option. They’re great at breaking down daunting goals into manageable steps,  inspiring new ways of thinking, and of course celebrating successes! If that sounds helpful, schedule a free strategy session with me here.

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