Most successful students have one thing in common … a positive relationship with their teacher. In fact, strong teacher-student relationships help students grow both academically and socially.

So how can your teen build these relationships, genuinely? They can intentionally and consistently connect with a few teachers. Encourage them to choose teachers they truly like. That will make the process easier, and more likely to have long-term success.

Simple Ways Your Teen Can Connect with Their Teacher

Here’s what you can recommend:

  1. Introduce yourself at the beginning of the school year/ semester.
  2. Show courtesy and respect. For instance, come to class prepared and on time. Pay attention and engage during class.
  3. Attend open periods or office hours where you can ask for help. Come with sincere, well-thought-out questions. Do not ask questions that you could have found the answer to.
  4. In conversation, make eye contact and ask your teacher questions about themself. For instance, ask about their professional journey. It’s a great way to learn more about them, while gaining professional insight for yourself.
  5. Ask earnestly what you could do better in class.
  6. Ask about related resources at school (writing lab, tutoring,etc.) or in the community to deepen your learning.
  7. Thank them for their help or an especially interesting class.

The best times to talk with a teacher in-person are:

  • before school / class
  • after school / class, or
  • during office hours.
  • If none of those times are mutually beneficial, have your teen email their teacher to set up an appointment.

Your teen’s relationship with a non-parental authority figure has many benefits. It helps them grow their emotional and social intelligence. (After all, it takes guts and determination to address a teacher privately!) Plus, a good teacher relationship can even help them have better health as an adult! Who knew!?!

Good luck on your teen’s journey!

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