Did you know that May 1 is the National College Decision Day?

This deadline applies to senior high school students who have been admitted to universities regarding submitting their tuition deposit to the college they have chosen to attend. If the student plans to live on campus, a housing deposit is also required by this time.

Before this time, during the senior year a decision on where to enroll is an important one. It’s important to note that it is common courtesy when students do make a final decision of where they intend to enroll, they also contact the other universities they do not plan on not attending and let them know. This will also help the student and family from getting any further correspondence from the other universities. In addition, it will also help the universities with keeping their enrollment plan updated.

It is important to submit your enrollment deposit before the May 1 decision deadline to help solidify your enrollment in the university and if living on campus, to solidify your housing. If a student waits too late past this deadline, enrollment may not be confirmed or housing for the upcoming school year. Seniors, remember the May 1 deadline as it doesn’t change year to year and be ready to make your final college decision on time!