Is your family stressed about the college application process?


That’s Where We Come In!

Students receive an average of 38 minutes of one-on-one college counseling during their 4 years in high school.

That’s ONLY thirty eight minutes. Not nearly enough support or guidance to help your teen make such an important decision about their future.

The current student-to-counselor ratio in U.S. public schools is nearly 500 to 1.

The college application process is overwhelming enough, and even when parents have the best of intentions, teens often have a hard time taking their advice without getting defensive, and feeling “nagged” or criticized.

This is why it can be so helpful for teens to have an outside source of support, to inspire and motivate them, and share tools & strategies that will make it easier for them to complete their applications.

That’s why we created:

The Stress Free College Application 2019 Online Coaching Program

Registration begins August 15th and closes September 1st — Limited to 4 students in a group.

This program is a small group online coaching experience that makes the college application process so much easier to manage for seniors.

The program is a great fit for seniors who:

Are ready to stop feeling overwhelmed with the college application process.
Would love to know what to work on each month and have accountability from someone other than mom or dad.
Wish they could find the time to work on their applications and fit it in with their busy schedules.
Are interested in having support from other teens going through the same process.
The group will meet online from September through April to create systems that keep your senior organized and on track when it comes to their college applications.

That way, they can get through the process with as little stress as possible and still have time for an awesome senior year!

What will we cover?

Session One

Searching for colleges and making the most of a college visit.

Session Two

Understanding the common application.

Session Three

Essay writing for applications and scholarships.

Session Four

Financial aid timeline overview.

Session Five

Understanding Financial aid packages and scholarships.

Session Six

Making sure you have dotted your I’s and crossed your T’s.

Session Seven

Finding local scholarships.

Session Eight

Deciphering financial aid letters.

Session Nine

How to make your final decision.
This program is ONLINE, so it’s perfect for BUSY students and parents who would love to feel successful with their college applications, but don’t have time to drive across town for another activity.

Our classes are held online through Zoom meeting, a free app that students can use on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

We’ll also have audio & video recordings from each session, so students who miss a class can easily catch up on what we covered.

What’s included in the program?


Feedback and Support

Students in our Stress-Free College Application small-group coaching program will receive personalized feedback and support to help them complete their college applications as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Goal Check-ins

Personalized text check-ins with students between classes, to see how their weekly action steps are going, and provide positive support, encouragement, and motivation to accomplish their goals for the week.

Private Facebook Group

A secret parent Facebook group where you can ask questions about any challenges your teen is having with their applications and get feedback about your family’s specific situations.


Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access to the video & audio recordings from every class so you and your teen can review everything we covered if they have to miss a class and go back anytime in the future to review the key ideas and information from the program.

This sounds perfect! How do we get started?

Each group is limited to no more than 4 students. Weekday and weekend options for sessions will be available.

To reserve a spot in the program for your teen, please schedule a phone call with one of our coaches.

Please note: Your one-time payment of $595 (or two monthly payments of $350) will be due by September 1st.

Do you have additional questions?

If you’re not sure if this program is appropriate for your teen and want to talk with us about whether it will be a good fit, please schedule a convenient time to talk to one of our coaches.