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Help your teen learn the skills they need to be successful in school and life in the “real world” with

The High School Success Formula

Your teen can have the best school year ever!

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“Before hearing about The High School Success Formula, I had no idea such a thing existed. Once I learned about the benefits of working with a coach, I realized it was just what my daughter Maya needed! She wanted to be a good student, but she needed support with executive function skills like organization, keeping up with assignments, and time management. I knew she would benefit from small group or individual coaching that was NOT coming from her parents.

Working with an academic life coach has been wonderfully beneficial for Maya and has increased her confidence. I love that she feels like she has another grown-up in her corner, and that now she can take the initiative to do things like email her teachers on her own. The skills that Maya has learned will be applicable throughout her entire life. Thank you for all that you have done for Maya!”

Brian & Jen, Parents of Maya

The High School Success Formula is our signature coaching process we use with teenage clients. 

We teach a  4-part system to help your teen take ownership of their goals, get even better grades, and plan for their future. That way, they can have less anxiety, manage their time effectively, and become the best version of themselves.

“I had not heard of The High School Success Formula and was definitely not sure if my daughter would find it helpful. I wanted to try something that would give my daughter a connection to her academic performance beyond myself. As a parent, we need to teach our kids so much. Nothing reinforces positive behavior and performance more than a non-bias, trusted adviser. My daughter’s coach from Life Success For Teens has become that for my daughter.

Maggie’s coach has become a confidant and teacher. She feels so great and supported after each session. From a parent perspective, it allows me to connect with my daughter on her academic performance in a more positive, less judgmental way. I’m thrilled with the relationship and positive changes that connect Maggie to her ownership of her academic performance. It’s more than grades. It’s taking ownership for results and making the best choices for life.

The benefits from Life Success for Teens go beyond a high GPA. I cannot say enough about the maturity that my daughter has gained from this program.”

If your teen could use support and guidance to:

Build their confidence

Reduce their stress

Learn executive function strategies 

Plan their future

Then your teen can benefit from 1:1 or small group coaching using The High School Success Formula.

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The High School Success Formula

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