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The High School Success Formula Masterclass!

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Now that you’ve had a chance to discover the 4 skills your teen needs to be happy and confident,

it’s a great time to consider how our signature group-coaching process can help your teen:

✅ Significantly reduce their anxiety

✅ Manage their time more effectively

✅ Become the BEST version of themselves!

During your free 30 minute strategy session, you will:

✅ Create a sense of clarity about the way your teen wants to feel this school year.

✅ Discover the specific steps they need to take to reach their goals.

✅ Determine the #1 challenge that could get in the way of their success.

✅ Identify the most important thing they can do to feel confident and successful in all areas of their life.


Semester Yet

Our coaching is designed for students who are ready to have their best semester yet!

Do any of these sound like your son or daughter?

Works hard but doesn’t see results
Excels academically but is stressed out
Has potential but isn’t living up to it
Is transitioning into high school
Is transitioning into college
Is trying to figure life out after high school

The coaches from Life Success for Teens can help guide your teenager through the ups and downs of life and school.

Throughout the semester, we will transform the way your teen approaches school. Together we will identify academic and personal goals, create systems that help ensure success, and track progress.

We focus on study skills, time management, and organization so that we can raise their grades, reduce their stress, and boost their confidence!

*All services are completely customized to the individual needs of the student.

Your Child Will Receive:

Weekly 50 minute sessions

We typically meet between 16-18 times during the course of a semester depending on family and school schedules, holidays, etc.

Parent and student access to a shared Google Spreadsheet

Describing the content that was covered.

Unlimited text/phone/email correspondence with your teen (and you)

For accountability and support between sessions.

BONUS: Free attendance at any workshop/event presented by LSFT throughout the semester your student is enrolled


Ready to Rock?

Contact us to set up a FREE initial strategy session. Let’s talk more about Academic Life Coaching, and get a sense of what it’s like to work with us.

Or maybe, you’re not sure. That’s okay! It’s a big and personal decision. Let’s talk through your concerns. And don’t forget to visit our testimonial page to hear what real students are saying about working with us.