Get the ONLINE VIDEO: How To Create a Personal Homework Profile™ from Leslie Josel, ADHD Student & Parenting Coach

Ask any student if they give ANY thought to how they get homework done and I assure you their answer is they just sit down and do it… hopefully! Am I right? Every student has individual homework preferences and personalities. By creating a Personal Homework Profile, your student can take a more holistic approach that focuses on THEIR best practices for getting homework done.

And wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone help you get there? It’s one thing to have the information. It’s another thing to put it all together and make it work.

In our ONLINE VIDEO How to Create a Personal Homework Profile™, I break it ALL DOWN! I guide you through the EXACT steps needed to CREATE the most effective plan for your student. You are going to get my STEP-BY-STEP instructions; strategies I use with only my private coaching clients.
Bottom line? Homework is the last thing your child wants to do. By creating a roadmap that taps into their strengths and needs they will have the tools and resources to maximize and strengthen that homework muscle.

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Get the The Executive Function Bundle – A Toolbox for Parents of Complex Kids from Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster

What the Heck is Executive Function & Why Should You Care?

The answer to this question has helped thousands in our community understand how to support and motivate their complex kids.

In this essential bundle of wisdom, you will:

Learn about Executive Function and what’s important for you to understand about it.

Understand how Executive Function challenges show up for different kids.

Learn the six fundamental steps to help kids effectively manage their executive function.

Value: $67


Get the 7 Ways to Continue Education After High School from Emma B. Perez, Life Design and Career Coach

College is one of 7 educational options after high school. In this master class you will gain full clarity on all the educational paths you have after high school, learn which of the education options are a path to University and which are an alternative, and incorporate the return on education investment in your decision-making.

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Get the Eat to Focus ADHD Diet Recipes Cookbook from Anna Tai, Registered Dietitian/Certifed Hypnotherapist

This is a complementary ecookbook to the book Eat to Focus. The Eat to Focus ADHD Diet Cookbook will make it so much easier to feed a child who has special diet needs. Inside this eCookbook, you will get a complete list of Kryptonite Foods to Avoid and the list of all the Rocket Fuel for ADHD Brain so you’ll know what to and what not to eat.

The recipes are amazingly easy to follow and prepare. Most recipes can be made in less than 30 minutes or prepared in advance so you’ll be able to make a quick and healthy meal for your children.

These recipes will make your weekly meal planning for your picky eater much easier.

Value: $24


Get the College Ready Debt Free Online Course, AND Hardcover of Shellee’s best selling book “How to send your student to college without losing your mind or your money!” from Shellee Howard, Certified Educational Consultant

College Ready Debt Free Online Course:
-How to decrease the Cost of College With Scholarships and Loans
-How to Complete the CSS Profile & Earn Financial Aid Awards
-How to File the FAFSA
-How to Understand Your Financial Situation & Maximize Financial Aid
-High School Resume Template
-FAFSA Cheat Sheet
-List of CSS Colleges
-Scholarship Search Cheat Sheet
-Four Year High School Strategy Template

Hardcover of Shellee’s book- “How to send your student to college without losing your mind or your money!” The Top 3 Things That Colleges Are Looking For, Why Your Student Cannot Afford NOT to Go to College, How to Send Your Student to College Without Student Loans, Top Secrets to Getting Scholarships, and so much more!

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Get the Routine Expansion Roadmap
from Cara Harvey, CEO of A Purpose Driven Mom

In this bundle you’ll receive 7 Trello boards to help you get organized with your routines and habits! Use promo code SUMMIT100 to get them free!

Each Trello board has a video (under WATCH THIS FIRST) that not only gives you instructions on how to use the board but tips to getting your routines off the ground!

I’d love to see you accessing the course so if you use any boards and love them, take a screen shot and tag me on Instagram @apurposedrivenmom!

Enjoy the boards!

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Get the FB VIP Parenting Membership from Kelly Biltz, ADHD Teen Life Coach

If you’re in the thick of challenges with your ADHD teen, you need personalized support and expert advice that you just can’t get in a group of 4.5K members. You need a smaller, tighter knit community who won’t judge you when you need a listening ear. And, you have Kelly sharing lots more intimately about her challenges and how she parents into all things neurodiverse! Members of the FB GROUP: VIP Parenting ADHD Teens Group get the following benefits: Judgment-free community support Guest Experts to help you navigate parenting and ADHD 1 Zoom a month with Kelly 1 voxer a month to talk through a massive issue 1 live a week (via FB) to answer all your questions It’s a form of life-coaching for parents of ADHD teens without the price and time commitment of a 1:1 coaching experience.

Value: $79/mo


Get the Family Meeting Ebook and 30-minute Family Success Private Session from Elisabeth Stitt, Parenting Coach

The Family Meeting eBook as it lays out a powerful tool for supporting your really seeing, hearing and acknowledging your kids. This one practice will assure you keep checking in with your kids no matter how busy life gets.

The Family Meeting ebook teaches you how to empower your kids as acting members of the family. That builds their self-esteem and their self-efficacy–and most importantly it increases their connection to you. Feeling seen, heard and acknowledged, they become an essential part of the family system. The Family Success session gives you the chance to modify the meeting approach to meet the needs of your unique family situation, so you can lead with confidence.

Value: $99


Get the Parenting Teens Experts Collection for Neurodiverse Families from Penny Williams & Sarah Wayland, Parenting Coach and Author

Every parent was once a teen, but it’s easy to forget how challenging those years can be. Teens crave independence but still need their parents. Their world is filled with navigating unspoken truths and complex relationships with peers and others. Add in ADHD and/or autism and the chaos is even more confusing.

This collection of expert sessions features 10 different experts in the fields of ADHD, autism, parenting, and child development. Each of the included sessions is about neurodiverse teens. You will learn about how your teen’s neurodifferences contribute to their unique experience, how to respect and support independence while setting appropriate boundaries, how to teach self-advocacy, and how to prepare your teen for a successful launch to adulthood.

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Get the How to “Hide” Your Money from the Financial Aid Office from Andrew Lockwood, Author, college advisor

Discover closely-guarded “secrets” of how to qualify for 52% off college tuition so that you can comfortably afford your kids’ college educations without scrimping on your current lifestyle or loading them (or you!) up with high rate, high fee student loans…even if you think you can’t possibly qualify for anything!

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Get the The Ultimate Guide to Demonstrated Interest: How to Authentically Show Your Interest to Admissions & Why It Matters from Kat Clowes, CEO, Independent Educational Consultant

With the increase of test-optional admissions policies, some colleges are leaning toward demonstrated interest in their admissions decisions.

But what is demonstrated interest? How is a student supposed to know how to show their interest?

Learn more about what demonstrated interest is, how it’s used in admissions, and how your student can authentically demonstrate their interest to their top choices.

We walk your student step-by-step through finding their admissions officer, how to email them (with examples), sample phone conversations, and questions to consider asking so that your student can authentically show their interest.

We also include our client-exclusive demonstrated interest webinar and our client-exclusive list of over 250+ colleges and how they use demonstrated interest in their admissions decisions.

Value: $97


Get the Six Secrets to a Successful First Year of College from Dale Troy, College Success Coach


The transition from living at home to living, without you, in a dorm is huge.

Your child’s high school hasn’t prepared them for college life. And college orientation programs focus on how to navigate the campus and its resources.

What students really need are specific habits and skills for college success. The summer is the perfect time to practice them.

When you download the Six Secrets to a Successful First Year in College you will learn these things and more:
• the importance of time management practices
• how self-care can effect academic performance
• why knowing how to advocate for yourself is critical

Set your child up for success!”

Value: $47


At a Glance

Andrew Lockwood
How to “Hide” Your Money from the Financial Aid Office

Anna Tai
Eat to Focus ADHD Diet Recipes Cookbook

Cara Harvey –
Routine Expansion Roadmap

Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster
The Executive Function Bundle -A Toolbox for Parents of Complex Kids

Elisabeth Stitt
Family Meeting Ebook and 30-minute Family Success Private Session

Emma B. Perez –
7 Ways to Continue Education After High School

Kat Clowes
The Ultimate Guide to DEmonstrated Interest: How to Authentically Show Your ​Interest to Admissions & Why It Matters

Kelly Biltz
ADHD Life Planner

Leslie Josel
5 ONLINE VIDEOS: Complete Set of Study Skills Tutorials plus bonus How to Create a Personal Homework Profile

Penny Williams & Sarah Wayland-
Parenting Teens Experts Collection for Neurodiverse Families

Shellee Howard
College Ready Debt Free Online Course, Hardcover of Shellee’s best selling book “How to send your student to college without losing your mind or your money!”

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Cara Harvey

Cara is a wife, mom to 3, and a woman of God. She works as a mom empowerment coach and her mission is to provide women with the tools, resources, and community to reach their goals, empower themselves, find their happiness, and live a life by design.

Leslie Josel

Leslie is an award-winning entrepreneur, author and internationally acclaimed speaker. She is the creator of the award-winning Academic Planner: A Tool for Time Management®, a planner that helps students develop and master time management skills, and the award-winning author of “How To Do It Now…Because It’s Not Going Away!”