Academic Life Coach

Rachel joins the LSFT team bringing nearly a decade of experience in education. After graduate school in South Africa, she managed a national student support program from the foothills of Colorado before working with high school students in rural North Carolina. In 2019, she moved closer to her Oklahoma roots to work as an academic coach for the University of Arkansas.

It is in this role that she solidified her passion for coaching. By blending powerful questions with her background of student success and college advising, she invites students to reflect, explore, and develop a deeper capacity for growth.

Rachel began her journey in education with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Communications from Oklahoma Baptist University and a master’s in Sociology from the University of Cape Town in 2012. She recently began the journey towards her PhD in Public Policy from the University of Arkansas and hopes to be done sometime before… retirement.

When she’s not studying or coaching, she can be found running in the woods, climbing in the mountains, or trying to make friends with the neighborhood cats.