Academic Life Coach

Jeff brings 20 years of experience teaching and coaching to the LSFT team.  After studying in Australia for his undergraduate degree in 2002, Jeff earned a Masters In Education from John Carroll University in 2004.   He loves sports, tools, positivity, exercise, and traveling.

His favorite part of working with kids is building positive relationships and adjusting to the variety of differences kids bring to situations.  Living in Northeast Ohio his entire life, Jeff has spent extensive time in numerous countries:  Australia, Thailand, and Ecuador, to name a few.  Jeff once took 25 middle schoolers to England, France, and Italy for a few weeks.

Jeff and his wife have been married for 18 years, they have 3 children, and he’s smitten with their dog, Polly.  His areas of expertise are with middle and high schoolers, bringing positive energy, and making people feel good about themselves.