Characteristics of Gen Z & How to Understand Them

Gen Z

One of our coaches recently attended a training presented by the Growing Leaders organization focused on understanding and connecting with Generation Z. Below are the insights and resources that he gained from this training. Gen Z consists of individuals born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s. This generation is larger…

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How to Course Plan for the Upcoming Year

Plan for the upcoming year calendar

As high school students return from winter break and dive into second semester, they are often faced with many decisions regarding their course schedule. Some students look forward to planning for the upcoming year while others are slightly panic-stricken with the overwhelming decisions. “Do I take AP Stats or Honors…

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How to Help Your Teen Get a Job

Teens interviewing for a job

We do judge a book by its cover! Teens don’t always realize that even when applying for their first job, there are lots of things that should be considered. Below are the top indicators that an employer looks for during the hiring process: Dress CodeIf your teen has to visit the…

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4 Steps to Improve Your Teen’s Grades

Moving into a new semester or quarter of school often prompts teens and their families to put thought into past and future grades. Whether your teen didn’t do as well as they had hoped in the previous quarter or they just want to do above and beyond their norm this…

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5 Tips to Help Your Teen Budget

Piggy bank

As adults many of us are all too familiar with the idea of budgeting. Some of us learned how to budget by making financial decisions that had either positive or negative impacts. Here are five easy steps to help your teen grow into an independent, financially well-informed adult. Talk about…

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Facebook Membership Drive

Hello and Happy Holiday Season! It’s hard to believe that the first half of the school year is winding down already. Those of you who are in our Facebook Group (Parents Raising Successful Teens) have likely seen our recent interviews with Class 101 and Dawnn Danaher. They provided a TON…

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How to Teach Your Teen to Craft an Email

How to Teach Your Teen to Craft an Email or Letter Have you ever read an email that your teen has sent? Many teens think, “I don’t need to learn the skill of writing a letter or email.” Rest assured, this is not a dead craft. And much like other…

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Guide to Preparing for Semester Exams

Teen taking a test

Guide to Preparing for Semester Exams For some students semester exams are associated with a weeklong marathon of cramming, pulling all-nighters, and elevated levels of stress. Whether you are in high school or college, below are some useful tips to try as you head into preparing for semester exams. Plan…

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How to Connect with Your Teenager

Connecting with a teenager

How to Connect with Your Teenager What did you do in school today?” “Nothing.” The automatic response of a teenager. Perhaps the most frustrating and confusing part of parenting a soon-to-be adult is how to connect on a daily basis. We want to help our children navigate life’s challenges, but…

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