Academic Life Coaching

The Academic Life Coaching Program is AMAZING and EFFECTIVE. It’s kid tested and mother approved.

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When your student completes this program they will be able to:

  • Apply their learning style to earn better grades
  • Understand their motivation style and become more proactive
  • Reduce stress by creating effective systems
  • Boost confidence and excitement about their future
  • Write more successful college applications because they will more naturally demonstrate the skills admission officers are looking for


John Andrew Williams developed the Academic Life Coaching Program in 2005 in Portland, Oregon.  John, a graduate from Brown University, started his career as a high school Latin teacher and began his life coaching training in 2004.  He created the Academic Life Coaching Program when he realized the huge gap that existed between what students were learning in schools and what was actually useful in real life.  In 2009, he started training others who wanted to work with life coaching skills and youth. I have been trained and certified as an Academic Life Coach through John’s program.logo