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Natalie BorrellThe most important lessons aren’t taught in a classroom.

They’re called LIFE skills. And, I’m on a mission to help your students nail this course.


Here’s a nerd alert: I love school. So much, that I went back to get my masters in psychology and started working as a school psychologist. There’s just something about learning that makes my heart happy.

In addition to coaching, I work as a school psychologist in a public high school. Because of this, I have a great deal of experience working with students with ADHD, executive functioning weaknesses, and other learning differences. Much of my job involves evaluating students to help determine their strengths and weaknesses, and then providing appropriate interventions.

When I started drowning in paperwork in my position, I knew I had to find another outlet for my passion. I discovered life coaching and finished my certification as an Academic Life Coach in 2015.

Actually, I’ve been coaching a long time without realizing it. It’s more than just a profession, it’s personal. Coaching allows me to make real and lasting connections with students. I’m like a cheerleader, encouraging—and sometimes yelling—from the sidelines as they discover and reach their goals.


I provide a mix of “life coaching” and “academic coaching”. I’ve been trained by John Andrew Williams, whose style is more about life coaching (soft skills) than academic skills. I’ve also been trained by Gretchen Wegner, whose focus is more on the logistics of being a successful student (hard skills). I have the benefit of experiencing both of these styles and I have chosen to combine them in my practice.

I work individually with teenagers on a variety of topics including motivation (What motivates you?  Where does your motivation come from?), goal setting (realizing where you are now and where you want to be), organization (setting up systems to keep track of materials, assignments, college application deadlines etc.), time management (what assignments are due when, how to prioritize and fit everything in, but still make time for the things you love to do), and relationships (the importance of good communication, how to effectively talk to teachers/adults/peers). I weave these topics into my coaching because I prefer to take a “whole person” approach, rather than just working becoming a better student.


It begins with an initial session with the parent and the student to make sure that we “click”. Once we’re all on the same page, I create a tailored program based off of your student’s needs. The program is semi-structured with the use of a Google Spreadsheet to track  progress and practice the skills that are learned during the sessions. I am able to meet in person (in the Cleveland, OH area), or virtually with students online.


Being a teen is stressful. School, work, sports—how to handle it all can be daunting to a young adult. The trick is creating a way to manage stress that feels natural and fun.

NatalieBorrell-CertifiedAcademicCoachI am passionate about the difference academic life coaching makes in the lives of young people. I would be happy to answer your questions and get you set up for an initial interview.


Natalie Borrell, Ed.S (Educational Specialist)
Licensed School Psychologist by the State of Ohio
Certified Academic Life Coach
Teen Whisperer- (I just get them) You’ll see.

My education includes:

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology- Ohio State University

Masters of School Psychology- Michigan State University

Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology- Kent State University


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