Being a teenager is stressful! Handling school, work, and other activities (and still have a social life) is daunting for a young adult. The trick to managing worry is to build a set of coping skills that feel natural and fun.


5 Fun Ways to Reduce Stress and Worry


Keep a Gratitude Journal

Acknowledging the things we do have with gratitude is shown to have countless mental and physical health benefits.

What goes in a gratitude journal? The highlights of your day, things you’re grateful for, or inspiring quotes.

The Law of Attraction says that whatever you focus on grows stronger. So, make it a habit to focus on the positive!

Make a Worry Box

Take all your worries, put them in a box, and leave them there … really! It’s actually a cognitive behavioral therapy tool!

Find an old tissue or shoe box and label it “Worry Box.” Decorate it if you’d like. Write down or draw what you’re worried about. Drop it into the box and turn your attention to something positive.

You can re-read or address your worry when you’re feeling calm and grounded, or discard it. Typically, when you reread your worries with a fresh mind, you realize you had the strength to handle the issue, or your concern wasn’t as big an issue as you thought.

Track Your Mood

When you’re aware of your feelings and you know what drives them, it’s easier to get a grip on your worries.

Tracking your moods with your day’s activities helps you make that connection.

You might realize you’re extra grumpy on the days you haven’t slept or ate well. Or you might find a link between your happy mood and your workout days.

Try Adult Coloring Books

Coloring sparks creativity, helps you relax and “get away,” and makes you feel like a kid again.

They’re easy to find – look in bookstores and online. You can even find themed books like Harry Potter, zoo animals, or mandalas.

Pay it Forward

Simple acts of kindness to others increase your own happiness. In fact, you can get a “helpers high,” a distinct physical sensation associated with helping.

Try any act of service. Even small ones such as paying for the next person’s cup of coffee or feeding an expired parking meter, can give you a boost.

There you have it! If you need a neutral third-party, or professional support for your teen, please reach out for a free, no pressure strategy call to figure out your best next steps.

Life Success for Teens offers one-to-one coaching, and a group coaching program in the fall called, The High School Success Formula.