Is your teen having a rough day? Feeling too worried, too stressed, too anxious?

Whether it’s through-the-roof test anxiety or stress about friend drama, your teen can pop out of that thinking into a positive mindset.  


My Most Popular and Effective Teen Stress-Relief Activities 

Your teens can find joy and feel grounded with these fun, easy activities that soothe frayed nerves, shift perspective, and focus on the positive.


Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal.

What it is:
A record of the highlights of your day. A list of the things you are grateful for. A sprinkling of quotes that inspire you.

Why it works: Making it a habit to focus on the positive trains your brain to look for the good. Your teen will feel happier.  And, research shows a gratitude practice also improves sleep and your immune system.

Try the Digital Version- Gratitude Journal (iOS), Attitudes of Gratitude (Android)

Make a Worry Box

What it is: 
Wouldn’t it be great if you could take all your worries, put them in a box, and just leave them there? You can! Find an old tissue or shoe box, and label it “Worry Box”. You can decorate it if you’d like. Write down, or draw, what you’re worried about, and drop it into the box. 

Why it Works: It’s great for kinesthetic, or tactile, learners because it makes those worries tangible and takes the thoughts out of your teen’s head. They can mentally let go. Added bonus? When your teen looks back on a month’s worry, they can usually see that they had the power to overcome the challenge or it wasn’t really worth the worry. 

Track Your Mood

What it is:
A daily record of your emotions. Choose 3-5 set times during the day to write down how you’re feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you can, write down the reason why you think it’s happening. 

Why it works: When you’re aware of what you feel and know what’s driving your emotions, it’s easier to figure out why you feel a certain way. For instance, you might realize you’re extra grumpy on the days you haven’t slept well. Or you might notice you’re happy on workout days. Then, you can take action to prevent an issue and help yourself feel better. 

Try the Digital Version– My Mood Tracker (iOS), T2 Mood Tracker (Android).

Adult Coloring Books

What it is:
Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore! Adult coloring books are everywhere! There are even themed books like Harry Potter, zoo animals, or mandalas. 

Why it works: Coloring is therapeutic because it helps spark creativity, is relaxing and it makes you feel like a kid again.

Try the Digital Version- Color Therapy (iOS), Color Therapy Adult Color Book (Android)

Pay it Forward

What it is:
Simple acts of kindness or service, like paying for the next person’s cup of coffee or feeding an expired parking meter.

Why it works: Because it shows you how even your smallest deeds can make a big difference. 

Try the Digital Version- Pay It Forward (iOS and Android)

If you’d like to take this practice further, an academic or life coach could be a great option. They’re great at inspiring new ways of thinking, and of course celebrating successes! If that sounds helpful, schedule a free strategy session with me here.