We help hard-working teens who want to be successful, but struggle to put it all together.


What’s getting
in the way of your
teen’s success?

If you want your teen to feel more confident and learn the tools to have a fulfilling and joyful life…

We can help them take ownership of their goals, get even better grades, and plan for their future.

That way, they can have less anxiety, stop comparing themselves to others, and become the best version of themselves.







Our coaches are excellent. Our service is guaranteed.

Life Success for Teens guarantees that if your teen is receptive to the idea of coaching, communicates openly with their coach, and dedicates enough time and effort, they will see great results! With a track record of hundreds of satisfied clients, we are confident that this program will help your teen make positive changes in their life. Please see the testimonials section of our website to read raving reviews from our happy parents.

**We ask for a month’s deposit before the first session with a coach. If for any reason you do not feel like coaching is a good fit after the initial session, we will offer a 100% refund.

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